Our Commitment To You

We take commitments seriously around here

At Clario we commit to our each of our clients the following:

  • Any commitments we make to you are fulfilled in a timely manner AND as expected by you.
  • You will get regular feedback regarding how you are progressing financially.
  • Proactive contact by the staff to see if "there is anything we can be doing for you right now."
  • Proactive contact by our staff to you ahead of important financial deadlines.  Excellent follow-through on issues by our staff. ·
  • Our financial advice has value to you beyond investment advice. You are making smart choices about your planning in all areas.
  • You know we are "on top of”' your planning issues.
  • You know we are there for you and will respond quickly to you.
  • Beyond your money, we will encourage and help you focus on what is most important to you in life.