How We Communicate

Here are Some of the Ways We Stay in Touch

Weekly Digital Newsletters

Our weekly blog is full of recommendations, pointers, updates on key things in the market and a host of other useful information. If you subscribe it will come directly to your email! Not subscribed yet? Scroll down to subscribe.

Monthly Statements

You’ll receive a consolidated monthly statement mailed to you from LPL Financial. The statement details on the accounts that Clario Financial manages on your behalf. Prefer paperless? Please click here.

Annual Performance Report

Each January you will receive a performance report mailed to you from LPL Financial. It reports on all advisory accounts managed by Clario Financial on your behalf. Prefer paperless? Please click here.

Personal Meetings

During our first year of engagement, we meet with you 3-4 times. This is to ensure that we design a tailored strategy that reflects your values and goals that is easy for you to follow. After the first year, annual or semi-annual one-hour meetings will be scheduled where we meet with you for a comprehensive review of your financial plan and goals to make sure everything is up to date.

Special Client Events

Periodically Clario Financial hosts exclusive client events. These events may include seminars, conference calls, town hall meetings, a community meet-and-greet and more. We may even surprise you with an invite to a smaller, more private gathering.

Random Surprise

Since 85% of our clients live, work or play in the North State, chance are we will bump into each other. These random encounters whether at the grocery store, farmers market or the park are always great fun for us because we love meeting your family and friends. We take confidentiality seriously so know that we will never reveal anything about our relationship unless initiated by you.

Communication is Key

When you are working with a financial advisor, you want to know that there will be regular communication about the things that matter to you. At Clario Financial we are committed to not just helping you create a financial plan, but to walking alongside you to help you implement it in the coming days and months. To that end, frequent communication is a must.