Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

Our independent advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM  professionals. Only a select group of planners have met the rigorous education, examination, experience and ethics requirements set forth by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, necessary to call themselves a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional. CFP® certification is a symbol of an advisor’s knowledge and credibility among his or her peers, and indicates the advisor’s status as a qualified, trustworthy financial planner. At all times when providing Financial Advice to a Client, a CFP® professional must commit to a fiduciary standard, and therefore, act in the best interests of the Client.

What is an independent planning and investment firm and how does that differ from other firms?

As independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM  professionals, we serve clients under a fiduciary standard, which requires us to place your interests first. We have no obligations to investment product providers and are not subject to quotas or home-office directives.

We have chosen to partner with LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer, as reported in Financial Planning magazine 1996-2019, based on total revenues. LPL Financial has no proprietary products.

How are you compensated for your services?

We provide financial planning and asset management services to our clients. Costs are based on your needs and the complexity of the engagement. A complete list of our fees and charges are available upon request and are provided in the planning packet each client receives prior to engaging our services.

Other firms provide financial plans for free, why don’t you?

The old adage holds true: “you get what you pay for.” While many advisory firms offer boilerplate plans at no charge to capture investible assets, often they receive commissions from the products they sell you, which can create conflicts of interest in regard to the advice provided. At Clario Financial, we believe that true and objective financial planning should be driven solely by your needs, not commissions.

Do I have to move or change my investments to Clario Financial?

The simple answer is no. As part of your financial plan, we will make investment recommendations. However, you are free to choose where your investments are held.

Why are “values” such an important part of your planning process?

While money is an important component in the pursuit of financial security and personal fulfillment, financial objectives must be balanced with other considerations. In our experience, those who have attained true happiness and fulfillment in life have also achieved alignment between their personal values and financial goals. A plan that reflects what matters most to you—family, loved ones, community, the charities and organizations you support, and your legacy—plays an important role in helping you to not only organize your finances in an intentional manner, but live your life with true purpose.

I already have an insurance agent, attorney and/or CPA. Can I continue working with them?

Yes. In fact, we believe that it is in your best interests to continue working with the professional advisors you know and trust. We will work closely with your advisors to coordinate the advice you receive.

Is my spouse/significant other required to attend planning meetings?

We believe that education, understanding and communication form the cornerstone of a sound financial plan. As a result, we believe it is very important for all interested parties to attend planning meetings.

Are you accepting new clients and do you have a minimum account size requirement?

In an effort to provide the high level of personalized service each client deserves, we only accept a handful of new clients each year. We choose to work with families and individuals who value a long-term professional relationship and are motivated to seek out and follow objective and professional financial advice and guidance.

I don’t live in your area. Can I still partner with you?

Yes. We work with clients in many states across the U.S. While we prefer face-to-face meetings, effective meetings can be held through a variety of online tools.